August 2006 Towboat of the Month
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The M/V Christine from the
We are not the only place in the world with a
working fleet of towboats. Nearly every navigable
waterway on the planet has boats and barges
moving commodities in varying degrees of scale.
We thought it would be interesting to post a few
pics of one of our Euro brothers’ vessels at work.
Pictured here is the M/V Christine of the
Netherlands (Holland) pushing a tow upon the
Mosel River in Germany. The towing industry in
Europe is known for its efficiency and is supported
by governments dedicated to properly maintaining
the infrastructure. In other words, Euro
Governments recognize the importance of
commercial towing to the economy and the upkeep
of locks, dams and canals is a high priority. You
wont find many underutilized, undeveloped
resources in Europe like the Alabama River here in
America. They take advantage of what they have
and it is showing in their economy.
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