There are few restrictions on what we will accept, although we do
prefer to work with msword for reasons of simplicity. If you wish to
forego any editing, we will also accept pdf. files. The mission of the
site is to encourage open discussions and the exchange of that
reason, we have decided on very little editorial limitation. Normally we
update with a new "issue" around the first of every month, to preserve
the "magazine" format. We will however, take advantage of the
immediacy afforded by the internet and publish during the course of
the month. If we receive a submission midmonth, we will keep it on the
"front" page for the following month before moving it to the archives. If
you wish to remain anonymous, that is perfectly fine, we will respect
your wishes and will never release any personal information to
anyone. And we mean ANYONE!
We are willing to go to jail over
that one!
Thank you for the interest, we will look forward to your
-Robert Rishel

Please submit all text contributions (microsoft word)  and photographs
as an attachment to: